HI Water & Drainage


What We Supply
  • EBAA Pipe Restraint

    Pipe restraint for PVC, cast and ductile iron pipe and fittings.

  • EBAA Flex-Tend Expansion Joints

    Flexible expansion joints for ductile iron and PVC piping.

  • Gripper Gasket Restraint

    Boltless restraint for ductile iron pipe, valves, and fittings.

  • Hydro International Hydrodynamic Separator

    Hydrodynamic separator ß for SS and oil removal.

  • Hydro International Filtraton Units

    Upflow filter units to remove SS, oil, nitrogen and heavy metals.

  • Jensen Septic Systems

    Standard and custom precast concrete products for on-site wastewater and sewage management.

  • Lateral Connection Corp. Fittings & Valves

    Cepex performance series fittings and valves for low pressure sewer, plumbing, waterworks, irrigation, and industrial applications.

  • Legend Valves & Fittings and Valves

    Residential, commercial, and industrial valves and fittings for plumbing and hydronic system applications.

  • MaxAdaptor Repair Coupling

    Universal repair coupling for gravity flow non-pressure sewer or drainage pipes.

  • Mueller Meter Solutions

    Innovative water metrology and fire service meter solutions for residential, commercial, industrial applications.

  • Tiltex System North America Concrete

    Concrete in a roll - impermeable & adaptable solutions for ground structure reinforcement and erosion control.